A clear UFO hiding behind clouds zooms away as an airplane passes it

This Flying Saucer UFO was way up in the cloud’s which was hiding behind the cloud’s and it isn’t blurred because it’s not been zoomed into This Flying Saucer is epic in my view as I’ve just watched the video again, that’s about the umpteenth time that I’ve watched it. I’ve seen it slowed down, speeded up, […]

Instagrammer Tom Williams captured a Lunar Occultation of Mars in December 2022.

Last night’s occultation of Mars by the full Cold Moon produced some gorgeous images from observers around the world.

The Neptune Balloon Capsule will make space tourism much more affordable, but it will still cost you money.

Space tourism has been a topic of interest for many people for decades. However, the high cost of such an endeavor has been a significant deterrent for most people. The idea of travelling to space and experiencing the unique views and sensations that it offers is indeed a thrilling one. But, for the majority of… Read More »

A mysterious creature appeared in Alyoshenka, the Kyshtym Dwarf: An alien from outer space?

In the mid-’90s, in the vicinity of the city of Kyshtym, a mysterious creature appeared, the origin of which still cannot be explained by any of its manifold versions. There are a number of blank spots in this story. The events have already been overgrown with numerous rumors and speculation. Some eyewitnesses to the strange […]

Catching images of one-eyed wolf eels in the deep sea

The wolf eel, also known as the wolf-fish or carpet eel, is a unique and fascinating species of fish that inhabits the coastal waters of the North…

Astronomers discover two hidden galaxies on the coast of space and time.

A team of researchers has accidentally found two galaxies that were hidden from view sitting at the edge of space and time.

NASA’s rover discovers a noodle-like object on Mars, that has scientists intrigued.

NASA’s Perseverance rover has been a massive asset for the space agency as it has come up with brilliant pictures from Mars. The pictures have played a huge role in scientists determining the surroundings and terrains of the planet. Now, the Mars Rover has spotted an extremely fascinating piece of debris in the shape of a ‘spaghetti’. The picture was captured by the front-facing hazard avoidance cameras on the rover, but the scientists were unable to determine the exact nature of the object. Most experts believe that it can be yet another debris from a previous NASA mission.

UFOs and Alien Bodies Discovered Inside a Secret US Air Force Base Called “Hangar 18”

Conspiracy theorists claim that there are flying saucers and alien corpses inside the US Air Force Base Hangar 18. And there is even a sealed and guarded room where the physical evidence of the infamous plane crash in Roswell is kept, the Daily Star writes. UFO believers argue that the US Air Force base is […]

A plane passenger photographed a massive UFO near Area 51.

An enormous round and metallic object emitting bright lights in the middle of the day drew the attention of an American Airlines customer. The first did was to pull out his phone and take some pictures. He was able to get a total of six photographs, revealing what appears to be a large UFO surrounded […]

A driver records a Glowing Object like a UFO in the sky at night in Florida.

In 2012, NASA made a truly amazing discovery about the existence of portals to other dimensions. A NASA-funded study showed that the data obtained by the THEMIS spacecraft and the Cluster. The evidence is that these magnetic portals open and close dozens of times a day. Usually they are within a few tens of thousands […]